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We appraise all types of residential properties for all types of reasons.  Whether in a tract, on the highway, a ranch, or a rural mountain cabin, we have the experience to provide accurate data and reliable products.  We specialize in unique and complex properties, including rural, acreage, manufactured, and historical.  These are conditions that require the skill and experience in our area that most appraisers simply don't possess.  We offer services for 
Lenders : Insurance Agents : Homeowners : Home Buyers : Real Estate Agents : Executors : Attorneys : Accountants : Bail Bondsmen : Municipalities : Investors

Mortgage Lending
We've performed many thousands of appraisals for hundreds of lenders and are FHA approved.  We understand our clients requirements and work with them to determine an appropriate scope of work, and provide comprehensive reports.  Can't place your complex appraisal?... Call us!  We specialize in unique properties and complex appraisals. 

Reinstate Your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Have a Home Equity Line of Credit?  If your home is near a declining market, your lender might automatically freeze your (HELOC), even if your house hasn't declined.  This can reflect poorly on your credit score and compromise your cash flow.  An appraisal can show value retention to the lender and get your HELOC reinstated.

Appraisal Reviews
We offer professional, objective, and ethical review services.  Our experience in the area allows us to know, recognize, and analyze the most frequent, and not so frequent, errors; but, also to recognize a quality appraisal.  There are different reasons for needing a review.  It is important for the review appraiser to understand each client's goal and reporting requirements, and to clearly report the findings based on the client's knowledge of the appraisal process.  We can do desktop, field, or retrospective reviews.

Properties that are in default or revert back to the lender's ownership create special appraisal issues.  This requires understanding dynamics of the process like timelines, market forecasts, and three values: as-is, as repaired, and "quick sale".

Insurance Claims
Insurance claims present special considerations, often requiring partial value, or separation of the structure value from the land.  Knowing that each insurance agency has its own set of requirements, and understanding the techniques to accurately determine these values, goes a long way towards a speedy claims process.

New Construction/Subdivision
We appraise proposed or new construction properties and subdivisions for builders, buyers, investors, and lenders.

Pre-Listing Services
Thinking of selling a property?  We have tools for homeowners, agents, and investors- from appraisals, to measurements, to market analysis and more.  See our Products page for a list of pre-listing services.  Getting a professional objective appraisal can help set a sensible asking price; be a bargaining tool when talking to a potential buyer; alert you to potential problems and help eliminate last minute repairs that may delay closing.  

Estate Settlement/Date of Death Valuation
We understand that settling an estate is stressful.  So we interact with attorneys or heirs to provide reports that meet their demands in a respectful and timely manner.  A comprehensive appraisal gives the executor definite facts and figures to work with when dealing with the IRS and state requirements.  For estate tax purposes or disposition of the assets, a "date of death" or retrospective appraisal is often required.  This requires a locally experienced appraiser.

PMI Reduction
Want to lower your monthly mortgage payment?  Maybe it's time to have the PMI removed from your loan.  PMI, or "Private Mortgage Insurance," is what lenders use to protect their investment, your loan.  Your monthly payments can go down once your loan amount is less than 80% LTV.  In most cases, you can apply to the lender to have the PMI removed, saving you money!

Tax Assesment Appeal
Most localities determine the amount you pay in property taxes on an ad valorem assessment of the properties value.  If you live in an area where values have declined, the assessor may have your house overvalued, which means you are paying higher taxes than you should be.  Get this problem resolved before they up again next period.  It makes sense to do your own research.  An accurate appraisal can help you challenge your property tax assessment and lower your payments. 

Partial Interest Valuation
Anything less than full ownership, or "fee simple", is a "partial interest".  Examples are dissolutions, easements, and timeshares.  Sometimes, it's not just a matter of appraising the property as a whole and dividing it by the number of owners.  Partial interest appraisals require experience and thinking outside the box.

Relocation/ERC Appraisals
Both our certified appraisers have special ERC training because relocation appraisals require special expertise and skills.  When you use your  employer's relocation assistance and list your "old" home, you're not interested in "fair market value", but the anticipated sales price.  We understand forecasting and timelines.

Condemnation/Eminent Domain Appraisals
It's the law and your constitutional right, that if the government wants to condemn your property or exercise eminent domain it must give you "just" compensation.  An appraisal performed by a state certified appraiser under USPAP is powerful evidence of what a property owner is entitled to have.  Likewise, we provide services to government agencies needing to determine a fair offer.  Condemnation appraisals are often more complex.  There can be extraordinary legal and procedural issues involved, and the jurisdiction proposing to condemn the property is likely to have its own rules for appraisals that must be followed. It is important to hire an appraisal firm that has experience and training in these types of valuations. 

Expert Witness Testimony
We remain steadfastly unbiased and independent.  Estate Settlement, dissolutions, retrospective, eminent domain, effects caused by things like floods and fires.  We can review an opposing party's appraisal and provide additional research and analysis to support or discredit conclusions.  

Bail Bond Appraisals
Need bail now?  Using your home as a bail bond is called a property bond.  But first, the court or bondsman must use an appraiser to ensure any collateral is worth more than the amount of the bond.  In our experience, we know time is of the essence, but we don't sacrifice quality or accuracy to get you what you need fast.  Bondsmen... Looking for a bail bond appraiser?  Contact us!

General Consulting
Don't need an "appraisal," but still need some information about the area real estate?  We can tailor our services to each client's needs to provide property data, market analysis, and related information to help with your real estate decisions.

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